The access protection on IT systems is becoming increasingly important. The unique identification of the user is only one aspect.  A company must also know what changes were made to the IT system. Paeonia has many years of experience in constructing and operating infrastructures for granting certificates and the administration of smart cards, soft tokens, and tokens. We would be happy to help you in defining the processes and implementing the authentication solutions in your existing network infrastructure. Strong authentication by means of certificates takes account of these increased demands on user identification. The use of certificates has taken on global dimensions, from logging on to the PC or gaining access to network components, up to remote access and, of course, not forgetting data encryption.

Our Identity Protection & Access Management solution covers:


We provide a solution for effective identity protection and access management, which fulfils the highest demands with regard to security. Our Identity Protection and Access Management is based on a layered security approach that is tailored to the needs of the customer. Starting with a systematic risk analysis, the establishment of an effective security and network architecture and the definition of security baselines, up to integration, training and operation of your infrastructure, we offer everything as a one-stop shop, competent, reliable and efficient.

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